Dunkles Holz-Netsuke von Daruma, von Fuzui Tokoku (1846-1931?)

Ein kleines, sehr präzise geschnitztes Netsuke, dessen Rückseite und Unterseite ungewöhnlich facettiert sindittobori cuts. The patriarch sits huddled in his robe, looking skywards, toothless but for two inlaid incisors, one ear and a wrist embellished with metal rings, his hossu with a red lacquer handle, the whisk wrapping around his body behind, his rosary of ivory beads with one other of agate, another of turquoise, terminating in inlaid dark wood tassels, an ebony begging bowl on the ground beside him. The smaller Himotoshiist mit gebeiztem Meereselfenbein umrandet

Signiert Tokoku mit beschrifteter SilbertafelBairyu. Tokio

Width: 3.5 cm